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Cultural Diversity Course
09 Nov - 14 Jun

Cultural Diversity Course

The programme will address the importance of cross-cultural socialisation in schools and is for experienced teachers, support staff and trainee associate teachers.

You will consider how pupils, families and staff from different cultures are engaging and integrating. Significant patterns are identified and underlying issues are brought out. Practical strategies are then devised for improving understanding and engagement. The learning and creative potential of cross-cultural difference will become apparent and attainable. If you have struggled to address cultural diversity in your school and would like a more constructive ethos for cross-cultural socialisation, then this is the course for you!

Course Content & Dates

  • · Week 1 - What is Cross-cultural Socialisation in Schools?

9th November 2017

  • · Week 2 - The Challenges & Opportunities of Cross-cultural Difference

30th November 2017

  • · Week 3 - Better Cross-cultural Communication & Conflict Resolution

11th January 2018

  • · Week 4 - Cross-cultural Socialisation & Improved Learning

8th March 2018

  • · Week 5 - Releasing the Creative Potential of Cross-cultural Difference

26th April 2018

  • · Week 6 - Modelling & Teaching Cross-cultural Socialisation in Schools

14th June 2018

Times:  All sessions are from 4.00 pm - 5.30 pm

Cost:£200 per delegate

Venue:  The Priory School, Longden Road, Shrewsbury SY3 9EE


Neal Lawrence, Teacher Consultant, Creative Workshops Unlimited (providers of cultural diversity education)





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